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Revere Tethering On Android: UnRooted

Reverse tethering on Android Phone without Rooting

Reverse tethering on Android phone (through USB and Wifi both methods)  allows user to get internet from computer to the SmartPhonephone is just opposite of tethering while tethering is easy with the help of various application ,reverse tethering is a little tricky if you what  to use on non rooted phone ,people avoid rooting their phone as it Bricks Up the warranty and a little risky to for a New Users.
In this article i will explain reverse tethering , as tethering you can find any where but not reverse tethering, I will explain method which will work on Windows OS :on Windows 7.         

Reverse tethering without rooting phone via USB .

Since application are not available on android market which make it possible,unless you are ready to Root .This method is for phone not having  wireless network available.I will be using application not available on android market the method is Port Tunneling as android phones did not have the normal stuffs to make internet sharing easy.
Here is the link which will take you to the complete  process on how do to this,it worked fine for few but for those it didn’t try the other method given bellow.

Android Usb Port Forwarding for Non Rooted phone.

           Windows 7   


  • Internet connection with Windows 7
  • No Need to Root your Phone</b> (as required is most case)
  • A WiFi connection (available on laptops for other try WiFi dongle)
  • Connectify software.
  1.  Install connectify if ,you will be promoted to configure for the first time.
  2.  In SSID type the connection name you what to give
  3.  Give password if you what to use secured network
  4. Now select from the connection you want to share (you present  internet connection you are using)
  5.  Select the WiFi network using which you will connect your Android Phone.
  6.  Select encryption :
  •     a ) “open” if you do not wish to use any password
  •     b ) “WAP/WEP2″ or any encryption from the available drop down.
8. Now switch on your Phone WiFi.
9. Click start Hotspot.
10. Give the password when promoted in the phone.          

11.You are done ,now you will see an active or inactive client in the connectify .




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