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Samsung Galaxy Ace[GT-S5830] S3 Evolutioned CynogenMod Rom

Hello Guyzz!! Thanx for your Such a Big Response of You'll by Downloading our OWN ANDROID APP and Visiting our Pages with such A GREAT PLEASURE!! Here I am with Another Rom for Our Samsung Galaxy Ace Users and with such an Awesome Rom Created by Team Andreno on Xda-Developers and awesome tweeks over Which was the Best Part.. So Now I Come over For you How to Upgrade this Rom on Your Samsung Galaxy Ace by not Adding any Further Links to it..

As I know You guyz would be Searching for a Rom where you can Make your smartphone much faster and over there I always try to get U the Same over.. So this rom is Quite like dat  one only with less power consumng features and instant boot up etc...This rom is Just Likely Tweeked up to the one which are of New Samsung Galaxy S3 Evolutioned Rom and have been modded up to it!!!

Feautures found Over:- 
1)TouchwizUX from galaxy S3 (MDPI)
2)Based on CyanogenMod 9.0.4-RC1-MacławStudios
3)SGIII Real accu weather
4)Samsung galaxy s3 WallpaperChooser
5)SGSIII Icons
6)SGSIII Sounds
7)MusicHub Hub 3.0
8)SGSIII Live Wallpapers
9)S-voice Modded
10)Swype key
11)SG3 Clock widget
13)Application monitor widget
16)Family Story
17)Polaris Office
18)You tube
19)Stock Video Player
20)Prima Wifi File
21)S suggest
23)Chat on
24)Samsung Apps
25)facebook Sns Account
26)Samsung Account Service

- remove temporary S2 touchwizclok i have some problem to recompil it ( i provide stock ace vertion for now)
- Nims Kernel V2.1
- Camera taking pictures , preview is working,settings working
(Sometimes camera service cant connect to camera - you must reopen application.)
- tweak Laucher stay in persistant memory
- missing Language added
- Mdpi TwCalculator
- Improve battery life tenfold by PureMotive
- Fix boot problem
- fix googleplay issue
- Apollo music player removed aand replaced by Miui themed Music player


[So Here am I with for the one You waiting For and Scrolling too.. Now I'll give u a perfect Way to Flash this Custom Rom... You would be Thinking this one Would be as Same as the one which Normally others are but not Like it Now.!! This One is Quite Different from Others.]

 Before Flashing the Rom you Need to Root your Device to Avoid Administrational Settings.

If You Dont know to HOW TO ROOT Your Samsung Galaxy Ace Click Here.

If you Have already Rooted.. Procede further..

Procedure For Upgrading To Samsung Galaxy S3 Modded Rom is Quite Very Much Simple.. Follow the Steps Exactly Noted Below to Avoid Your Phone Getting Bricked Up or Having Any Other Issue Over..

Before install S3-Evolution-Beta3 :

I recommand Do a full wipe Before install for better Experience

Installation of S3-Evolution-Beta-3-Ultimate you need Ext3 or Ext4 Partition

Here is a tutorilal for Partition Your Sd-Card..

Partition your sd-card:
Simplest way is to use "MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition" from
This tool is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista & Windows 7
requirements: USB SD Card reader.
pull SD card from phone, insert into USB SD Card reader,you can do it with your usb cable mount Sd-crad. Windows should report new drive and content of the drive should be visible.

• step 1: Delete Old Partitions on SD card
[Note: this partition manager QUEUES the operations. So nothing is deleted and changed UNTIL you click "APPLY" and then confirm by clicking "OK".
Make sure you are Deleting Partition on SD card! (not your hard drive for example)
This step Deletes everything on SD card, so backup files first!
Dont be afraid, just read everything and think twice before selecting correct drive.
Do you see three gray icons on the bottom? Under each of them the capacity of each drive is listed, and SD CARD has slightly different icon.
Hard drives on the screenshot have 465.8GB and 74.5GB, and on the bottom, the SD card, with 3.8GB capacity.

• step 2: create FAT or FAT32 partition “ note that this partition is for storing your media, etc..”
select "Create As": PRIMARY
Select "File System:" FAT when you have 2GB or smaller card.
Select "File System:" FAT32 when you have 4GB or greater card.

• step 3: select the 2nd partition and select "Create As": PRIMARY
Stock roms with stock kernel will support fat32
Stock roms with custom kernels “ like CF-Root” may support both fat32/ext4 “check their threads”
Cm7/cm9 roms will support ext4
Here Is a NOTE:
For a wired reason, in both cm7/cm9 roms if formatted your 2nd partition with ext4 format, link2sd wont create mount script, unless you have selected ext3 “although the format was converted to ext4”

• step 4: finish
finally, click "apply" button on top left corner.
partitions will be created and card will be formatted.
Reattach your sd card to your phone and turn it on. (you can also do it With usb Connection )

Chose your Vertion Of Beta3 , Light or Ultimate copy it to sd-card

Reboot your phone to ClockWorkMod

Flash ClockWorkMod 5:

Install from sd-card

the Phone Reboot Automaticaly when installation Done

if It stay on blank screen remove the Baterry an turn on again

For better Performance :

go to settings , performance, processor, cpu governor select SmartassV2

don't forget to set on boot ^^

you can disable Surface Dithering

to have better Ui bar go to settings system notification drawler Widget buttons then select one more Toggle you can hide indicator too..

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