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Samsung Galaxy Ace[GT-5830] Modded Rom from S2 JellyBean

Hello Guyzz!! Thanx for your Such a Big Response of You'll by Downloading our OWN ANDROID APP and Visiting our Pages with such A GREAT PLEASURE!! Here I am with Another Rom for Our Samsung Galaxy Ace Users and with such an Awesome Rom Created  on Xda-Developers and awesome tweeks over Which was the Best Part.. So Now I Come over For you How to Upgrade this Rom on Your Samsung Galaxy Ace by not Adding any Further Links to it..

As I know You guyz would be Searching for a Rom where you can Make your smartphone much faster and over there I always try to get U the Same over.. So this rom is Quite like dat  one only with less power consumng features and instant boot up etc...This rom is Just Likely Tweeked up to the one which are of New Samsung Galaxy 3/S4 nd have been modded up to it!!!

Feautures found Over:- 

1) Samsung Galaxy S III/IV JB look
2) Based on android 2.3.6
3) SpaceWiz5.0
4) Overall Best S III/IV for SGA
5) ICS Transistions
6) SGSII wallpapers {All 25}
7) SGSIII/IV Icons
9) SGSII startup & shutdown animations
10) SGSII Sounds
11) SGSII Ported Apps
12) SGSII/SGS3 JB Themed Apps
13) Amazing Speed and Stability
14) JellyBean UI Statusbar
15) EDT battery Tweak
16) Smooth Scroll Mod
17) Long Press Volume Hack
18) CRT
19) SGSII widgets
20) Smoothest Stock Rom Gaming Xperience
21) ICS/JB Layouts
22) Renabled buttonlights
23) CallScreen ICS Modded
24) 4.2.2 JB Statusbar Ported
26) 31 toggles from wich 15 are changeable )
26) ICS Pattern Lockstyle *Smooth*
27) Brightness Bars
28) Fluid Nice
29) Real SGS III Launcher
30) SGSIII Music Player

*Have a look at Changelog for latest features* 




[So Here am I with for the one You waiting For and Scrolling too.. Now I'll give u a perfect Way to Flash this Custom Rom... You would be Thinking this one Would be as Same as the one which Normally others are but not Like it Now.!! This One is Quite Different from Others.]

 Before Flashing the Rom you Need to Root your Device to Avoid Administrational Settings.
If You Dont know to HOW TO ROOT Your Samsung Galaxy Ace Click Here.
If you Have already Rooted.. Procede further..

Procedure For Upgrading To Samsung Galaxy S3 Modded Rom is Quite Very Much Simple.. Follow the Steps Exactly Noted Below to Avoid Your Phone Getting Bricked Up or Having Any Other Issue Over..
  1. Download the firmware from the links given below.
  2. Put It to the root of your sdcard.
  3. Reboot to CWM Recovery.
  4. Take a Backup of Current Rom From Backup/Restore. 
  5. Select Wipe data/Factory reset.
  6. Select Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  7. Select Install Zip from sd card.
  8. Choose the ROM zip file.
  9. After the installation completes choose reboot.
  10. After Phone Gets Switched On.. complete the Formalities asked by the Phone. and Now you are with the one of the Latest and Fastest custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy Ace which no one could ever Dream Of Too... 
[Before completing the formalities is it advised to reboot the phone to avoid being Laggy to your device. And Your first reboot will take time so please be patient over..]

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Download Links:- 



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