Monday, 4 November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace[GT-S5830i] Best Rom List

[WP7] Windows Phone7 UI! v1.0


HTC GalaxySense-MODV1.0-CM7.2

My HTC ThemedGingerbread Rom

Xperia ICS 4.0.4

BeatsWith HTC Smooth Sense (Stock Kernel DDKQ8)

CyanogenMod 7 [OFFICIAL](NightMare)

[TeamCooper] MIUI4 2.3.9[beta4]

[TeamCooper]OmegaICS [Stock]

[TeamCooper]OmegaRom v1.1 [Stock]

Black Snow

Might & Magic_ICS Rom

iOS V2.0 UI Interface

ElegantWhite v2.0 - CM7

ICS  FerhatMod V2.1 forGalaxy Ace, running 4.0.1

Ace-Of-Spades RC2 [Guaranteed Performance+Battery]

TurboBlue-GingerAce-2.3.6by TAZ

BlockBuster Rom goes Ace | Version 1.3 | Ready - Steady -Flash!


Adrenaline ROM™ With ICS and Beats Audio

The End Rom V 3.5

Official LEWA ROM Breed Version

[UNOFFICIAL]CyanogenMod-7.2.0-by-FAT-KANG[UPDATE 14.03.2012]


RadonMod V2.5

{Team Adreno Ace} Bald Eagle ROM (BETA-1) DDKQ8 

Pourya-na ace v1.8 based on 2.3.5 beautiful and powerful

[Repo][Updated]Chinese ROM

MIUY4 v2 [UPDATE][2/11/2012]

[Multi-Language][TheMythTeam] The Myth (Basic version)

MifloRom 2.3.6

TouchMeROM -the best stock rom 

AashROM 2.3


Pourya-na ace v1 basedon 2.3.5 beautiful and powerful

DXKT5/DXKT7/XWKT7CWM flashable zip

[CM7] AceOSP

Jusada's ORIGINAL ICSFinal

[TeamCooper]RazrUI v3[UPDATE:4/2/12][CM7.1]

[Gingerbread] 2.3.7 | Clean Android | AOSP|Beta1

MIUY4 v1 By Team Adreno Ace

UPDATED 2-2-2012 Alley23Based on CM7.2 RCO kang by vo-1 1-23-12

[Update-5/2/2012] StockLite v2.0 - 2.3.6 barebones

The End 2.5 (Updated26/01/2012) (CM 7.2 RC0 KANG)

(ROM)BAREBONERZ[xwkpo stock rom]

SecureGen V1.0 | CM7.2with security enhanced for the paranoid

NoName Froyo v1 onepackage

Glsmt v3.0 - 2.3.

CyceronPL-v1.0 based onKPH 2.3.4

The End (CM 7.2 RC0KANG)

CRe.ActiveX RC1Barebones Based on CM7.1 Grif_07

[XWKT7] GingerReal-2.0 - Back to business - android 2.3.6

Infinity[cm7.2] Beautywith speed[Update 7/1/12]


infinity [cm7.1]

[UPDATED][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod7.2-cooper-KANGAndroid 2.3.7

[UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 7.1-cooper-KANG-RC1 Android 2.3.7

[CyanogenMod 7.2] HaniMod*LiteStar [cyanogen,miui,ics,tw style]
SGS II 2.3.5

GingercruztV2.3,CM7.2 Fastest rom of the series[Update 3Dec]


ForThePeople[unofficialCM7.1byGrif07]English/German Guide!!

All The Rom are Directly or Indirectlt Taken From Xda-Developers Forrum.

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